Forget Fanny Packs, Gucci Just Made Severed Heads And BB Dragons A Thing

It’s called fashion.

Just when you thought you’d seen everything from Alessandro Michele’s fanny pack of inspo, he’s turned around and presented a Gucci collection that somehow fuses surgery, cyborgs, baby dragons, severed heads and the New York Yankees.

In a sterile environment decked out with operating room vibes and plastic waiting area seats, the collection came marching out with a Michele’s baroque punk aesthetic as the foundation. Prints collided manically, but it was accessories were doing the most — not content with stacked jewellery, bead-fringed caps, jewelled headpieces layered over ski masks and Gucci’s own version of he ugly (but cool) sneaker, models also carried their own severed heads as well as pet chameleons and dragons.

Of the set, Gucci said, “The concept reflects the work of a designer—the act of cutting, splicing and reconstructing materials and fabrics to create a new personality and identity with them.” And the idea of ‘identity’ and ‘personality’ most certainly continued throughout the collection.

Images: @gucci