Meet The Model: Rob Tennent Shot By Cathy Marshall

Dream baby dream.

You might know Rob Tennent via the fact that he is constantly serving twink in eyeshadow realness on instagram. But you’re probably also unknowingly familiar with his confessional photographic work as the creator of Come Back To Bed — a photo book that is the result of his documentation of overcoming sexual abuse. We spoke to him about it here earlier in the year, and Rob contributed photographs of himself swathed in the images from the book for Oyster #115: The Survival Issue.

Decidedly generous not just with his experiences, learnings and grief, but also with his time. Rob let us quiz him one more time so we could get to know him for his other talent: looking flipping fab in front of a camera. Something he does in the photographs above, shot by Cathy Marshall.

Name: Rob Tennent

Nickname: Rob or Robbie

Star sign: Aquarius (scorpio rising, sagittarius moon)

Where are you from and where do you live now?
My mother is Vietnamese and my dad is from New Zealand. I live in Auckland, New Zealand.

What do you like to do/hope to do outside of modelling?
I model so I can meet new people and other creatives. I’d love to be a creative director or produces a editorials. Continue making art that helps people.

What’s your favourite time of day?
Golden hour!

What inspires you most?
My mum and her history.

What songs or albums are soundtracking your life atm?
I am super into IAMDDB and Noname right now. Calming, wholesome, chill vibes.

Any personal beliefs or values that are meaningful to you?
Everything that’s going to happen will happen and we can’t control it. Be nice to people and put out good energy. Look after the people around you. Ask for help.

What celebrity or person from history do you have a crush on?
Frank Ocean is pretty cool…

What do you want to be when you grow up?
Happy, healthy, successful in my own eyes — to be around people that educate me and nourish my brain.

What scares you most?
Losing the people I love.

Best piece of advice you ever received?
Pay your invoices on time.

What is a skill you wish you possessed?
I’d love to be able to dance really well or act. I’m rubbish at both of those things.

What fictional character to you most relate to, and why?
Dory from Finding Nemo and Donkey from Shrek because they are just clueless but can also say really smart things that will stick with you.

Best YouTube clip you’ve ever seen?

Photography: Cathy Marshall
Model: Rob Tennent @ The Others