Oyster Beauty: UglyWorldWide For Oyster #111

“I have my ugly days, I have my beautiful days, but it’s all really one in the same, depending on who you are.”

Jazzelle Zanaughtti is beautiful, despite declaring the opposite by claiming the Instagram handle @UglyWorldWide. You might’ve guessed she’s unconventional, too — in her look, but particularly in her attitude. Her staunch definition of beauty, “not giving a fuck about what anyone else has to say, and loving yourself as you are,” deems her rightly exciting both inside and outside of the industry.

Like most of her 250K (and counting) followers, she first used make-up as a crutch to try to make herself more appealing to people who were mean to her in school. Years later, she harnesses it as a weapon. She says it gives her power, whether she wears it every day or not.Her look is dynamic, for serious lack of a more captivating word.

Her constant change is spurred, admittedly, by ADHD. “On a more specific note,” she explains, “each look is usually inspired by something really vague — whether it be a toy, or a fruit, or just a colour.” It’s a fixation on reorientation that drives her and ultimately makes watching her metamorphosis so absorbing. “I’m passionate about creating something out of nothing,” she says. “Whether it’s a character, a garment, a plant, or even your whole life. There’s potential in the smallest of things and I always feel the need to find that potential in everything.”

She’s bold, but nuanced. If you want to be like her, welcome to the club. But if you’re serious, you should pay attention to her advice for both inside: “Don’t try to be anyone but yourself — it won’t get you nowhere,” and out: “Lip gloss for that dewy moment! I literally put it everywhere.”

Photography and video: Joshua Woods
Makeup: Erin Green and @uglyworldwide
Creative direction: Gadir Rajab