Collina Strada Made Fresh Tees To Support Accessible Abortion Fund

My body, my choice.

Hillary Taymour’s excellent label Collina Strada had us at hello. Or at least at the moment when she wrote ‘call mom’ on a tee shirt and sent it down the runway, and when she made us take a long hard look at our selfies, and when she balanced our chakras, and when she waxed about terraforming, and when she reminded us how to change our world on the back of her show program. All of these things. We love Collina Strada for all of these things.

Today, we praise the label for taking part in another very fucking real cause. “I am outraged by the recent abortion bans,” Hillary wrote on Instagram. “Consistently let down by the human race, I decided to do my part to help drive people to donate.”

The accompanying photos show two versions of a tee — one in proud Collina tie dye, and the other white — worn by Insta legend @double3xposure. On it, a slight illustration and the words ‘my body, my choice’. It’s as simple as that.

“Think of this shirt as a gift with donation. I will personally write a check to the Yellow Hammer Fund every two weeks of sales from the my body my choice tee,” the post continues.

“This generation requires leaders who can speak out and speak truth, I am 1 in 4. People need to understand that radical transparency is truth, and we can do it together.” YES.

The tee is available here, and it’s hot and real. All proceeds go to Yellow Fund, which you can read more about here.

Image: @collinastrada