Some Very Cute Animals And Harry Styles Star Yet Again In A Gucci Campaign And We Aren’t Mad

Everything is cute.

Last time we saw the cutest animals in the world and Harry Styles, the charming squad romancing the stone structures of central Italian garden, Villa Lante, decking in nothing but Gucci. A fresh situation, for sure. But this time, Harmony Korine has shot them amidst statues and… stuff.

The campaign, specifically, is Gucci’s Pre-Fall 2019 campaign. In it, we see a new way of dressing formally: theatrical jackets with tees, dress shoes with relaxed (trackies?) pants, ornate neck decor, a lot of velvet surfaces, excellent use of silk scarves, and a kind of slides with cape and blazer moment that is really changing our lives. Enjoy:

Photos: Harmony Korine courtesy of Gucci