Oh My Goth, Gucci Just Showed In A Cemetery

We’re literally dead.

It’s a well-know fact that Gucci are doing better and better every season. And just when we were starting to think that nothing could top severed heads and baby dragons, they go ahead and show in a famous cemetery. Dead.

For their Resort 19 collection, Gucci took over the Alyscamps burial ground in Arles, France. But don’t think presenting a fashion show at a super dope cemetery is enough for Alessandro Michele. To make things even more goth, the designer covered the runway with fire and soundtracked the event with a ton of sepulchral sounds and brooding bells.

The collection itself didn’t disappoint my inner goth, either. Michele presented a Roman Catholic-inspired range, filled with beaded crosses, black velvet and dramatic detailing in the shape of a skeleton. It’s just too bad Heavenly Bodies wasn’t next year’s Met Gala theme.

The brand didn’t just stick with all black, though. Michele went for the usual mix of clashing prints, pinks and florals, giving us a kind of Edward Scissorhands-type goth next to the more classic kind. Our favorites were definitely the kooky kind of Victorian witch looks and we’ve definitely got to get our hands on those velvet cross chokers. R.I.P. my savings, you know?

Photos: @gucci