Blondie Is The Latest Celeb To Cover ‘Old Town Road’

New yeehaws.

‘Old Town Road’ really is the gift that just won’t stop giving. The country grammar banger by Lil Nas X has been talked about, tweeted about, listening to and remixed by pretty much everyone at this point, including country legend Billy Ray Cyrus and *fingers crossed* Dolly Parton. A girl can still dream.

Now, though, another blonde-haired iconic diva (who also probably sleeps in her makeup) has given us her very own version. That’s right Blondie decided to remix the single while on tour with Elvis Costello earlier this week.

Sadly, I wasn’t there (and I’ll never forgive myself for it), but as I’ve said before, once it hits the internet, it never really leaves (sorry about that Vogue). Of course, the quality isn’t great, but Blondie’s punk glam spin on “Can’t nobody tell me nothin'” is nothing short of legendary. Who do you think will cover it next? TuPac or Kurt Cobain?

Watch Blondie’s rendition below.

Image: Tumblr