Ok So 2 Million People Have RSVP’d To Storm Area 51


Remember before the Area 51 meme had taken over our collective consciousness? It was a simpler, more innocent time. People weren’t searching for extraterrestrial porn on the internet, and Nevada wasn’t freaked the F out. Ever since the ‘Storm Area 51, They Can’t Stop All Of Us Event,’ took over Facebook (and the rest of the hemisphere), officials in the city where the long rumoured alien hub have been stressing out about all the disastrous things that would happen if everyone actually showed up…. because… wait for it…. 2 million people have actually RSVP’d. It’s basically #FyreFest, but better, and probably less of a scam.

Even though the original founder of the event-turned-meme has told everyone it was a joke, the city has been pleading with people not to storm the site, and both Nye and Lincoln counties have officially declared a state of emergency.

“There will probably be no water … or ice available, because everything’s going to sell out…” chairman of the Nye County Commission, Jon Koenig, told the local news. “There will be no gas left in the gas stations. No food. Nowhere to go potty.”

Again, sounds like Fyre Fest, but better. OMW TBH.

Image and GIF: Tumblr