Bliss Out To Iggy Pop X Mac DeMarco’s New Cooked And Fabulous: ‘SONALI’

Iggy’s never looked better 😛

So, you may remember the still-kicking and punk, Iggy Pop had his latest album Free come out earlier this year (on September 6 to be exact) and it sounded a lil’ different – a sad and contemplative sequel to his 2016 collab with Josh Homme titled Post-Pop Depression. Trust me, we get it. 

But a loungey and off-beat number with a taste of jazz: ‘SONALI’ is having its moment. The wacky tune with an equally wacky music video will give you lizard-love life. Directed by none other than Oyster #117 fave, the weird and wonderful Mac Demarco! The clip is a real trip, two lizard people in love, a fluffy pink Merc stuck in a traffic jam and one sweet, sweet saxophone sesh. 

P.S. Stay till the end for some awkward BTS magic.

P.P.S. Catch a bit of that Uncle Mac magic from Oyster #117 right here:

Image: Youtube