Everything We Know About The New Anna Delvey Scam Queen Series, ‘Inventing Anna’

OMW to steal your funds.

We’ve been frothing ever since we found out that Shonda Rhimes and Netflix were teaming up to tell the story of our favourite scam queen, Anna Delvey. And now it seems the show is actually happening. Though we don’t have a release date just yet, it does have a title, and a stellar cast. Inventing Anna will give us all the gritty details through ten glorious episodes. And here’s what else we know:

Actress Julia Garner will star as Delvey, with My Girl’s Anna Chlumsky playing Vivian, a journalist looking to uncover the truth about our grifting star. The show will also feature Laverne Cox as Delvey’s worried personal trainer (my favourite character from the original New York Magazine story), Alexia Floyd as the suspicious hotel concierge-turned-friend Neff and Katie Lowes as Rachel, “a natural-born follower whose blind worship of Anna almost destroys her job, her credit and her life,” says The Hollywood Reporter. “But while her relationship with Anna is her greatest regret, the woman she becomes because of Anna may be Anna’s greatest creation.”

Sounds like Gossip Girl 3.0 (since 2.0 is already on its way).

And while the IRL Delvey might not make any IRL money from the Netflix series, at least she got her wish: Lindsay Lohan will not play her in the show. Sigh.

Image: Tumblr