Listen To The New FKA Twigs Song While You Wait For ‘MAGDALENE’


Ever since FKA twigs announced her upcoming album, MAGDALENE, we’ve been frothing waiting for it to drop. And guess what!? It’s finally almost here. Dropping this Friday, the album will be the culmination of a ton of content we’ve been obsessing over the last few months in anticipation of the record. First, she released her single, ‘Cellophane’, followed by the latest issue of her Instagram magazine AVANTGarden and a live performance of the song that made us sob for days. Then she dropped a documentary about the making of the ‘Cellophane’ video and her process of learning to pole-dance. It was sick. And then, she dropped another two singles, including ‘holy terrain’ and its insane music video, and finally told us all about MAGDALENE.

my dearest MAGDALENE you beautiful, stoic, ephemeral beast. at times i howled at you to present yourself to me and it was at those times you evaded me. left me in the cold, dead at night, face down in my wet pillow,” she wrote. “it was only when i offered my own sometimes fruitful, often poisoned teat to raise you that you would look me in the eye, drink, submit and allow me to bend and contort you into a sculpture that mirrored my own truth.”

“and here we are. now you stand bigger than i will ever be, others will dance with you, enjoy you, question you, cry with you and marvel at your broken excellence,” she continued. “but i promise i won’t get jealous, i love you the most so i will let you go. now to find my reflection again. look at myself naked for a while. my breasts hang lower than they did before. it happens i guess.”

Now, the singer has gifted us with one new track before Friday’s release, ‘sad day.’ In a new cover story for Pitchfork, the singer revealed she also “worked on an ambitious visual collaboration with Emmy-nominated Atlanta director Hiro Murai to accompany” the single, which we will not-so-patiently await.

In the meantime, catch us bumping ‘sad day’ non-stop until Friday. MAGDALENE, here we come.

Listen to the track, below.

Image: Instagram