Old Town Road Has Gone Diamond

Platinum who?

There’s absolutely zero question that ‘Old Town Road’ is the most popular song of the year. Blondie‘s covered it, so has Keith Urban… I mean, the song is so loved, that kids have been stealing literal Old Town Road signs in their communities across the world. It’s a phenomenon. Like, for real. So, it’s no surprise that the track has broken basically every industry record, and now there’s another to add to the list: becoming diamond certified. If that weren’t enough, it’s the first (and thus, only) song to do so in 2019.

But don’t feel too bad if you didn’t even know that diamond certification existed — because we didn’t either. The highest honour given by the Recording Industry Association of America, also known as the RIAA, going diamond is something reserved for only the most popular of singles, like Gaga’s ‘Bad Romance’ and Drake’s ‘God’s Plan’. But since I don’t see Dolly Parton clamouring to cover either, I’d say ‘Old Town Road’ wins.

Image: Instagram