People Are Freaking Out Over Timothée Chalamet’s Hair In The ‘Little Women’ Trailer


The internet is a very scary, dark place. There are lipsticks that look like dicks, influencer fraud, people watching alien probe porn and 58-year-olds pretending to be young vloggers (and totally getting away with it). Not to mention the fact that it’s pretty much a giant cesspool of people arguing about literally everything. But every once in a great, great while, the keyboards align and something truly magical happens where everyone in the world can agree. It’s rare, but it does exist. Case in point: Timothée Chalamet’s hair in the new Little Women trailer.

To rewind: earlier this week, we finally got a glimpse at the new Greta Gerwig-helmed Little Women with the film’s debut trailer. It’s an epic adaptation of the classic book with an even more epic cast including Saoirse Ronan, Emma Watson, Meryl Streep, Lauran Dern, Timothée Chalamet and the young actor’s hair, which gets its own starring role in a scene in which him and Saoirse fight in a green field. Spoiler alert: it’s puffy and billowy and romantic AF. And the internet can’t get enough of it.

I mean, forget that the film stars legends Meryl Steep and Laura Dern, Irish treasure Saoirse Ronan, or Hermione fuckin’ Granger. Even Chalamet, who plays Laurie in the film, is nothing compared to his scene-stealing locks, which have gotten dedication after dedication all over Twitter.

Someone even appears to have started an account for the ‘do.

So, you see, faith in humanity isn’t lost entirely. We still can all agree when something is truly great. And forget creepy Timothée Chalamet dolls — Timothée Chalamet’s hair is the new sheriff.

Image: Twitter